I help real estate companies drive traffic and increase authority with in-depth writing at scale

If you want to grow your business, you need more than just a content writer. You need writers that can see the big picture and implement based on what works right now

Why You Need To Hire a B2B Content Marketer Who Sees the Big Picture.

You have a vision and goals in mind when it comes to content marketing. All too often, marketing plans fail because they aren’t implemented correctly or missed opportunities aren’t capitalized on.

To help you hit your targets and reach the most prospects possible, you need content that works for you. Instead of time-consuming and costly trials and errors which can be just as frustrating as successful tactics implemented on low quality opportunities.

I work closely with my clients to develop and implement an inbound plan that generates leads, increases website traffic levels, improves conversion rates and ultimately drives business growth into your pipeline!

Agnes Gaddis

What I Can Help You With

B2B Content SEO

Long tail keyword research to find content gaps in your market

Awareness Content

Create awareness content that ranks easily and wins over leads

Guest Writing

Help you reach relevant audiences with the right content, building links and awareness with guest writing

Client Testimonials

Agnes has been an incredible asset for our organization’s content needs. That said, at first I was skeptical in her abilities to create valuable content. But I gave it a shot. When she delivered her first assignment, I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t expecting that type of output. The content piece she created was of outstanding value. The level of research she conducted was significant and the attention to detail was impeccable. It was then apparent to me that Agnes is a content creator of another caliber. Her ability to create well-researched, highly informative and engaging content within short timelines is quite rare in the industry. In addition, Agnes is very responsive, reliable and easy to work with. I highly recommend Agnes for any in-depth content creation needs

Oleg Donets -CEO, Real Estate Bees

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Agnes for our content writing projects. She’s proven to have a deep knowledge of the industry we were trying to target and supported it with additional research that made the writing more compelling. She’s also got a good understanding of the SEO-optimization techniques so her articles are not only educational but also have the chance to rank high in Google

Michal Leszczynski -Head of Content, Getresponse

I have managed dozens of content writers, and Agnes is easily one of the best ones I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Her passion for writing, for creating content, and for using language to convey powerful messages permeates throughout the copy. While many writers are able to write beautiful, engaging content, they lack the skills to conduct detailed research, but Agnes combines these two skill sets, which is evident in every piece that she creates. Combine these with her deep understanding of SEO, and you have a content writer who will truly help your website rank on top. Not to mention Agnes’s willingness to take on tasks even on short notice and always submit content before the deadline. No wonder that some of Agnes’s pieces turned into our company’s top-performing pages within a couple of short months.

Daniela Andreevska - Marketing Director, Mashvisor

Agnes’s passion for content writing and research shines through in the pieces she has written for our blog. Her ability to determine exactly what topics are most relevant to our readers combined with her understanding of content SEO has been incredibly valuable in driving more traffic to our website

Kelly Tucker - Editor, Best Ever Real Estate
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    B2B Guest Writing

    Your content teams are already overwhelmed with projects. I will work with you as an addition to your team and help you implement a guest posting strategy that's sure to produce results. There are multiple facts and case studies online to show that guest blogging will help you gain traffic, new backlinks, domain and brand authority.

    B2B Blog Writing

    Writing blogs since 2015, I've seen a lot of tactics gone down the drain. You need a writer that knows how to provide in-depth value, and fast too. I contribute consistently to a slew of high authority websites because I keep my writing to a high standard. This is why I can offer you great value in this regard.

    Why Work With Me?

    You need a professional to write the content…

    It’s hard to find the right one; so many of them claim that they can do it.

    If you feel like this, I’m here to help. Do you feel like your brand needs someone with real experience in the real estate niche? Someone who knows how to build links and drive traffic? Then you have come to the right place. After all, knowing how to get a position on Google’s first pages isn’t just about creative writing. It’s about strategy, tactics and optimization. I’ve done it before – more than once – and I can do it again for your brand if you let me.

    With me, you’ll get a reliable partner who is invested in your business. I offer consistent content creation that can help you achieve your search and traffic optimization goals faster.

    If the below points sound good to you, let’s get started:

    • Have an experienced B2B content marketer on your team for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time SEO content writer.

    • Work with a content marketer who understands how to create and implement a B2B content strategy, and also has an above-average understanding of content SEO (keywords and search intent).

    • Work with a content marketer who understands the importance of having an efficient, scalable content creation machine and can be relied upon to create quality, in-depth B2B content at scale


    Blog & News

    Why Do I Need Guest Writing?

    Big brands have the access to big-bucks advertising campaigns and big budgets that help them to generate awareness and lead gen.

    However, small and mid-scale digital agencies cannot compete on ad spend.

    Guest blogging provides a cost efficient (yet extremely effective) way for smaller brands to build a trusted brand via inbound content creation and organic link building.

    Why do I need to scale B2B content creation?

    In the age of AI content tools, scaling blog content creation seems to be a marketing demand. Being able to create B2B content that ranks high but which also gets shared at scale isn’t something that robots do. It takes writers that can study customer needs and write in a voice that fosters brand recall.