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Boost your brand reputation and authority with humanized, strategic content that moves the needle

Strategic Content Solutions for Real Estate B2B

Unlock your real estate business’s full potential with Agnes Gaddis’ premium content marketing solutions. From thought leadership pieces to lead generation campaigns, I deliver tailored solutions that drive results.

What makes me different

As a seasoned content marketer and writer, I understand the struggles of producing high-quality content at scale. Whether you’re a director of content marketing or a CEO at a real estate software or marketing company, I’m here to tell you that transforming your content game doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

So, what makes me different? For starters, I’ve honed my skills through years of experience in the real estate niche. My articles and blog posts have been featured in various publications, and I’ve helped my clients improve their online presence through impactful content. You’ll find my name in a myriad of revered publishing platforms—no trumpet blowing here, a simple search will showcase my work.

some key benefits of working with me

You won’t find a more reliable and effective content partner than me. Check out my portfolio for proof!

As someone who has worked exclusively in the real estate space, I understand the nuances of this complex industry. Rest assured that your content will be accurate and informative.

Whether you need one article per week or two per week, I can help you scale content creation without losing out on quality. With my efficient workflow, you’ll receive top-notch content without breaking the bank.

While many writers struggle to convey empathy and authenticity in their work, I excel at it. My content will resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Crafting Genuine, Insightful Content Optimized for SEO

Tailoring Your Message

Creating each content piece is not a one-size-fits-all process. It requires a blueprint specific to your brand and your goal for that piece, informed by research into your brand, and filled with insights on SEO and buyer intent.

Breathing Life Into Ideas

Sometimes, finding the right idea can be daunting - like chasing a wisp of cloud across a blue sky. But don’t worry. By studying your competitors' strategies, tapping into proven themes, and answering common questions, I curate unique and engaging content ideas.

Research, Crafting, Delivery

Your story needs a strong, credible backbone. With a well-defined roadmap, I dive into research, conjuring up content that has the twin pillars of depth and relevance.

High Impact Guest Blogging

I know the world of guest posting can feel like navigating a maze sometimes - with endless prospecting, strategizing, ideating, and coordinating with top-notch editors. Here's how I help:

Personalized Outreach

I tailor email sequences that resonate with your voice and brand. Authenticity? Absolutely! With 7 years under my belt, I’ve mastered creating the right conversations to deliver your message effectively.

Collaborations with top sites

Building relationships is my forte. You’ll find me talking to editors from top websites, creating guest posts that reach the right audience.

Ideation & Strategy

Sure, scattered ideas are like stars in the sky. What we need are North Star ideas – the one that creates win-win scenarios. How? Well, I bring together my experience and research prowess to orchestrate the most impactful strategies.


Now that you know more about me and what I can offer, it's time to reach out and take the next step. Schedule your free consultation today and discover how I can help you dominate the content landscape!

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