Agnes Gaddis

About Me

Hello, I'm Agnes Gaddis - Your Trusted Content Strategist

With over seven years of experience in content strategy and writing, I specialize in creating high-ranking content for real estate businesses. My services go beyond just writing – I provide strategic guidance to ensure that the content not only reads correct but also hits the bullseye every time.

My Journey

As a Communications Major and an aspiring author, writing has always been my calling. While I have plans of penning a kiddies detective story in the future, my present focus is dedicated towards providing top-notch content solutions for clients. My professional writing journey includes contributions to esteemed names like Inman News, RealtyExecutives, AgentFire, Mashvisor, Getresponse, CXL, Mention, RealWealth, SparkRental,,, and more. I've developed a refined system over the years that facilitates the creation of kickass content that ranks easily.

Personal Touches

I value tranquility and peace in my downtime, and enjoy immersing myself in a good mystery TV show. While I might be introverted, I have a soft spot for the vibrant buzz of food trucks, wine events, and night markets. And yes, I'm fond of my hair! Did you know my favorite shampoo is Garnier Ultimate Blends? Whether it's creating content for B2B real estate brands or enriching my personal experiences, every day is a new mystery to solve, a new strategy to formulate, and a new story to tell.

Now that you know more about me and what I can offer, it's time to reach out and take the next step. Schedule your free consultation today and discover how I can help you dominate the content landscape!

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