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7 Top Guest Post Outreach Services Compared

In this article, we will take a look at the top 7 guest post outreach services in 2023. We will also compare how they stack up to each other, and talk about how they can be beneficial to your business.

ReferralRock reports that 60% of blogs write about 1-5 guest posts per month. But if you’ve ever tried guest blogging, you know that finding high quality guest blogging sites, pitching, getting your pitch accepted, writing and editing takes a lot of time and work. This is why many marketers and bloggers opt for guest post outreach services. So let’s look at 7 of the best guest post outreach services in 2023:

Comparison of 7 Guest Post Providers

Here’s a detailed review of 7 of the most popular guest posting services on the market today.

1. Rhino Rank

Rhino Rank is a white-label link outreach solution dedicated to providing individuals and businesses with improved visibility, organic traffic growth, and increased business revenue. Rhino Rank creates relevant content targeted to your customers at an affordable price. Rhino Rank prides itself on its professionalism and its ability to improve rankings even in difficult markets.

They provide curated linking and guest post outreach services. With Rhino Rank, you are in full control of your link-building campaigns. You choose your URLs, niche, and anchor texts. You also decide the level of resources to commit to your promotion campaigns.

How their guest blogging service works

After conducting in-depth research into your website and niche, Rhino Rank assembles a personalized outreach strategy to acquire a guest post placement that fits your business niche. Their internal team then reaches out to relevant bloggers, journalists, and thought leaders in your industry. They pitch content topics and talk to the right people in a bid to get the word out about your business. After webmasters approve the topics, Rhino Rank’s writing team will write a relevant and quality article related to your business. They will then help place it on sites where it can get in front of the right people.

What they excel at

  • Collaborative link building. They keep you informed every step of the way. You have complete control over your link building campaigns.
  • Manual, curated links. They manually reach out to website owners and content managers to secure relevant links in already existing content. 
  • They guarantee to replace any link that drops off within a 12 month period.

What they suck at

  • Since Rhino rank focuses primarily on curated link building and even though they guarantee that your links will remain on the websites indefinitely, your links may be replaced by webmasters after a while. Curated links are more porous than guest post links which usually remain in content as long as the post exists. 
  • There is no comprehensive reporting system.
  • Your link can be placed on some PBN sites.

Rhinorank’s guest blogging pricing and packages

Prospective guest post buyers can only access pricing details after signing up. But Rhinorank has packages for different needs. They operate on a pay as you use model (i.e. you can order as many links as you want at any time) with links from a DA 30+ site starting from $120.

2. OutreachZ 

OutreachZ is a popular link-building service for promoting your business website and building authority. With over 5,000 authority blogs already in their marketplace, they’re well-positioned to make your website visible to the right people. OutreachZ tends to be very selective about the kinds of businesses and agencies they promote through their network. 

They give you the option to either write and upload your content by yourself or use their experienced writing team to create high-quality content guaranteed to get views and clicks.

How their guest blogging service works

After being approved and gaining access, OutreachZ suggests relevant publishers based on niche, domain authority, price, traffic, etc. After reviewing these publishers, you can add those that fit your needs and budget to your cart before checking out. OutreachZ will then take the steps to liaise with the publishers and present them with a few topics that they might be interested in. They will move on to writing a polished article that links back to your website.

You can write your content, but it has to be well-written and must meet OutreachZ’s quality standards.

What they excel at

  • Easy to use interface. 
  • You have control over the process. You can pick your own websites based on DA, traffic, cost etc.
  • Rigorous quality control process and good content quality. They consistently weed out blogs that have low traffic or a low quality backlink profile. 
  • 12 months guarantee. They guarantee that all links will be live for at least 12 months or they’ll replace them.
  • High quality reporting features.

What they suck at

  • It’s not based in the USA. OutreachZ is an Indian company. They may find it difficult to build non-paid links on high quality US websites. 
  • They deal primarily with paid guest posts. That is, OutreachZ’s publishers charge money for posting on their websites. This is against Google’s guidelines and these links might not really have a substantial effect on your DA and rankings. 
  • Pricing is not very transparent.

OutreachZ’s guest blogging pricing and packages

They charge a 15% platform fee with an upper limit of $25. This makes them one of the most affordable guest post outreach services. They also use a pay as you go pricing model with no set pricing range. Link prices are based on publisher demands as well as the amount of effort that’ll go into securing the link. On average, publisher fees for a DA 30+ domain is just $70. But you could find websites with very high metrics for low prices and vice versa.

3. The HOTH

HOTH stands for “Hittem Over The Head” and that is exactly what HOTH has aimed to do, since its inception in 2010. 

The HOTH is a white-label SEO company that helps its customers grow their businesses and improve lead generation with high-quality traffic. They provide guest posting outreach and curated links services (niche edits). HOTH also offers a complete managed SEO package, PPC and Social Media ads campaign management as well as content creation services.

They are also a Google Certified Partner, meaning that they are recognized for their Google Ads success and expertise, and they have met Google Ad spend requirements.

How their guest blogging service works

To use HOTH’s guest blogging service, you simply provide your website target pages and keywords. They will move ahead to identify high-authority sites in your niche and secure guest posting opportunities for you. They will create excellent, well-optimized content that includes your links contextually. After the article is published, HOTH will provide you with a white-label report for personal review or to give to your client. 

What they excel at

  • HOTH is a renowned SEO company and has built relationships with many websites over the years.
  • Manual guest post outreach is available as well as niche edit outreach. They vet website quality, screen out irrelevant websites or websites that don’t meet your set criteria and use only the top writers on their platform.
  • They provide excellent customer service and reporting
  • Scalability: HOTH promises to help you secure links within 30 days or less. From my experience, guest posting on a high authority website can take longer than 30 days, depending on their editorial calendar.
  • Boost feature. This feature allows you to build links to your guest posts so you can increase their value.

What they suck at

  • Not all the backlinks you receive are guaranteed to be high-quality. Some of the DA 20-30 websites in their database don’t get any traffic at all.
  • You do not have much control over the process. You’re not able to approve links, anchor text or keywords in articles. Once you’ve selected the criteria once, you can’t make changes.
  • Pricey compared to competitors. 

The HOTH’s guest blogging pricing and packages

The HOTH uses pay as you go pricing. Price depends on word count, DA, traffic and number of guest posts. You can choose a plan based on publisher traffic, DA or both DA and traffic. Guest post prices for a DA 30 website with 5000 monthly organic traffic start at $475.

4. offers a range of services including content writing, outreach, and link building. Due to its affordable prices and high-quality backlinks, the agency is a popular choice among bloggers and website owners. offerings are scalable and very reseller-friendly and have helped over 3000 bloggers and website owners to improve their search rankings and inbound traffic.

They cover over 40 categories in different industry-leading niches. All data and analytics are presented through an attractive and easy-to-use dashboard, and they offer white-label reports after a successful guest post campaign.

How their guest blogging service works takes the quality of publishing websites seriously. They have a team of expert manual outreach specialists who contact publishers on your behalf. After finding authority sites in your business niche, they negotiate, place orders, and ensure that the entire outreach process takes place as intended. They also have expert writers who have been trained on how to create SEO content and follow guest blogging guidelines.

What they excel at

  • The interface is user friendly and you can customize the outreach based on your needs.
  • They have experts who vet each publisher and they employ specialized SEO writers for various industries.
  • Website editors are contacted manually, and writers have to follow the publisher’s stipulated guest blogging guidelines.
  • 100% white hat links. No PBN links. Links are guaranteed to be permanent.
  • Probably the most affordable blogger outreach service available
  • They have a wide collection of websites in over 40 niches.

What they suck at

  • They are an Indian based company. Most of the content is not written by native English writers.
  • Content quality is usually not in-depth. 
  • You might still be required to create your own content (depending on your preferences and budget).
  • Pricing is not transparent.
  • They promise turnaround times of 24-48 hours, which is unrealistic for genuine blogger outreaches.

BloggerOutreach’s guest blogging pricing and packages

Although they claim that their prices are affordable, guest post prices are not available on their website. Anyone interested in their services has to book an appointment.

5. OutreachMama 

Founded in 2016, OutreachMama has become a force to be reckoned with in the blogger outreach marketplace. With a rich network of publishers and content providers, this agency is well-positioned to provide effective outreach services and high-quality guest post backlinks.

Apart from helping you carry out a successful blogger outreach campaign, OutreachMama also specializes in reviewing and optimizing existing backlinks and keywords to build on your website’s existing foundation. They also offer guest posting and link-building services for bloggers, freelancers, and agencies.

They handle guest blogging outreach, content creation, and content placement to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

How their guest blogging service works

OutreachMama simplifies the process of guest post outreach for you. Blogger outreach typically follows seven steps, listed below:

  • Strategy Phase, to determine your website’s needs and identify the ranking keywords for your niche. 
  • The Pitch Phase is where your target pages are finalized and an outreach pitch is developed 
  • Prospecting Phase: Prospects are reviewed and filtered to ensure that only relevant and high-quality publishers are selected.
  • Outreach Phase: OutreachMama reaches out to about 300 prospects and follows up with nonrespondents every few days, up to 5 emails in total.
  • Content Creation: Engaging, topical content is written by OutreachMama’s team and sent to you for review.
  • Response Handling Phase
  • Link Acquired: After the link has been successfully acquired, you get a link tracker so you can view the progress and results in real-time.
  • Monthly Reporting Phase: Each month, you will receive a report that summarizes the links and what to expect for the upcoming month.

What they excel at

  • They build relationships with high traffic blogs. They promise deep vetting not just based on domain authority but also organic traffic. The site must also have a modern design and a good user interface. They currently have an inventory of over 700 high traffic publishers.
  • Easy to use user interface. Their guest posting dashboard sends updates to your email.
  • They provide plenty of room for your input throughout the entire outreach process. You choose your desired anchor texts and target pages. If publishers won’t allow linking to your desired anchor pages or using your anchors, OutreachMama’s team will let you know beforehand.
  • They employ native English-speaking writers and editors
  • You receive progress updates on your blogger outreaches every Friday.
  • Reliable 30 days turnaround with a guarantee to return your money if your link isn’t published after 60 days.
  • No PBNs or self-created blogs.
  • 12 months link uptime guarantee. If you lose the link within a year, they’ll either replace it for free or return your money.

What they suck at

  • Your link can be placed on irrelevant content pieces. For example, in this review of OutreachMama by Tom Kotze, 1 out of 3 links was placed in an irrelevant content piece.
  • Pricing is not transparent. More expensive than many other services on this list. 
  • Content produced is not usually in-depth. 
  • Their guest blogging service only helps you reach out to editors and publishers already in their network. Users who want them to create new outreach campaigns to new blogs have to order their blog outreach service. 

OutreachMama’s guest blogging pricing and packages

OutreachMama offers three pricing plans: 5 Links, 10 Links, and 15 Links. Each plan includes a variety of do-follow links.

The 5 Links plan includes one DR 20+ link, one DR 30+ link, one DR 40+ link, and one DR 50+ link for $1,100 per month. 

The 10 Links plan offers two DR 20+ links, three DR 30+ links, three DR 40+ links and two DR 50+ links at a cost of $2,100 per month while the 15 Links plan gives you four DR 20+ links, four DR 30+ links, four DR 40+ links and three DR 50+ links for $3000 per month.

Pricing for a single do-follow link on a site with 500-2000 organic visitors starts at $175.

6. Outreach Monks

Outreach Monks provides white-label, link-building SEO solutions for brands and agencies. They help businesses generate more leads and close more sales by improving their visibility.

Outreach Monks specialize in link-building services and are known for their quality work, quick turnaround times, and helpful customer support. The Outreach Monks specialist teams are well-equipped to handle your business’s SEO, content marketing, blogger outreach, and link-building needs.

They have been featured in major, trusted publications and have received lots of positive reviews. 

How their guest blogging service works

You provide them with your target keywords and URLs. Niche-relevant publishers are then selected based on quality key metrics such as domain authority, domain rating, trust flow, and prior link history. Once placement is secured, magazine-style content is created to include your links naturally and contextually. Outreach Monks presents you with a white-label report for your personal and/or your clients’ use.

What they excel at 

  • Solid vetting process. They don’t just use domain authority when screening websites but also domain rating, trust flow, and link history 
  • You get white label reports for every live post
  • You can provide the content. Their team will review it to make sure it meets the editor’s guidelines.
  • Placements are guaranteed to last for at least 90 days
  • No PBNs or self-created blogs.
  • Native English content writers
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Great fit for resellers and agencies looking for white-label link building services
  • They promise a 2-3 weeks turnaround time.

What they suck at

  • Content supplied isn’t usually in-depth.
  • They don’t allow for much input during the guest blogging outreach process. They handle everything from start to finish. If you prefer a more hands-off approach, Outreach Monks may be for you.
  • Their pricing package only offers 500-word content pieces. But content upgrades can be purchased.

Outreach Monks guest blogging pricing and packages

Outreach Monks charges based on the publisher’s domain rating (starting at $59 per placement for a DR 10-19 website), or monthly organic traffic (starting at $89 per placement for a website with 500-999 unique monthly visits).  

7. Loganix 

Loganix offers promotion and outreach services for agencies, businesses, and consultants. They provide professional SEO and lead generation services trusted by numerous brands.

Their fulfillment team has about six years of SEO experience and can be trusted to deliver exactly what your business needs on time. This includes link building, content creation, SEO, and PPC.

Loganix’s services cost a premium, but this is backed up by a track record of successful campaigns that leave no stone unturned.

How their guest blogging service works

All you need to do is provide your anchor text and URLs. A list of relevant publishers will be presented to you for approval or replacement. Then, their writing team works to create topically relevant content on your behalf. Outreach is conducted and you receive a report when the URLs are live. Turnaround rates are typically about a month.

What they excel at

  • They ask for your approval before moving forward with website placements.
  • They deliver high-quality content within strict deadlines and place them on reputable websites in your niche. 
  • They have a strict QC process for vetting websites.
  • Affordable service for people with tight budgets
  • You can shop lists of niche websites to pitch if you want a DIY approach
  • You get a white label report for every live link.
  • US and Canadian writers only
  • Placement guarantee. If your link is removed after a while, they will offer to put your link on a similar or better website.

What they suck at

  • Their guest post packages only offer 500-word content pieces. But content upgrades can be purchased
  • Their guest blogging service only helps you reach out to editors and publishers already in their network. Users who want them to create tailored outreach campaigns to new blogs have to provide more information for a customized quote.
  • They vet sites primarily by traffic
  • The sites your link gets placed on are multi-topic websites which are not super-targeted to a specific niche.

Loganix’s guest blogging pricing and packages

They have two main plans. The Guest Posts Basic plan which costs $200/post. On this plan your link gets placed on a site with 100+ organic traffic. The Guest Posts Premium plan offers to place your link on a site with 500+ monthly organic traffic. Both plans include content creation at 500 words per project. Users can opt for 250 more words per project and the chance to review links and anchors before publishing for an extra $50 per project.


It’s pertinent to note that not every backlink received from a guest post outreach will be high-quality, especially when you’re on the hunt for a cheap guest posting service. With that said, in your search for a guest post outreach service, you might be better served by choosing one that fits your budget and your business niche. 

If you need a personalized guest posting service for your real estate platform, real estate business, or marketing agency, I’m offering guest posts for a limited time. Send me a message now.

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